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Kids, Teens & Parenting

Do you have a child who is acting out? How about a teenager who is experiencing anxiety associated with fitting into social norms? Do you wish you knew how to handle your child's challenging emotions? My child, teen and parenting sessions help you and your family develop positive attitudes towards life's most complex growing pains.

Senior Woman Dancing

Older Adults

Do you care for a spouse with a chronic illness? Are you stuck in the care giving role for an older parent? Do you know someone who is struggling with a Dementia or Alzheimer's diagnosis? Life as an older adult can be overwhelming and sometimes even exhausting, but I’m here to guide you through the challenges of aging with expert solutions.

Teen Ballet Dancer

Dance/Movement Therapy

My true passion is integrating the Arts into a mindful, strength-based approach to therapy. I enjoy utilizing Expressive Arts Therapies such as: Music, Art, Writing, Sand Tray, and my specialty Dance/Movement Therapy, in my sessions as they relate to your healing process.

Teacher and Class

Group Offerings

Coming Soon!

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