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Group Offerings

The Power of Peer Support

Therapeutic Workshops

Our lives begin in family groups and we function thereafter as members of groups at school, work and in communities. The power of a group as an agent of change to promote healing lies buried in antiquity. But, as noted by Rutan and Alonso (1979), group psychotherapy, where one’s family and community are represented in the room, provides unique opportunities to work on issues of intimacy and individuation.

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Dance/Movement Therapy Groups

In Dance/Movement Therapy (DMT) groups I always focus on the "here and now." What is currently happening on our cohort in the present moment. The group process is helpful in identifying old patterns that no longer serve you and navigating changes for your future. it could happen that a certain movement offered to the group might touch a memory of a former situation, it might be necessary then to pay attention on how to handle this in the actual group context in order to avoid repeating former negative experiences. The group process helps these themes unravel naturally. A key component to the DMT group is the verbal processing of the movement experience.


Early Dementia Support

Social interaction is critical in the emotional well-being of older adults. Through my involvement at AGE of Central Texas, I can help provide direction in your interest in early memory loss support programs that I facilitate. Ask for more information about these support program for care givers and people with early memory loss today!

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