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Playing in a Tunnel


Is your son/daughter having emotional challenges that are breaking your heart to witness? I believe every behavior is the attempt to communicate an emotion, need or want. I enjoy helping children use their creativity to better understand themselves and navigate their emotions from the inside out.


Being a teenager can be challenging and overwhelming. Your child may be feeling left out, anxious about social situations, overwhelmed, lack of confidence or pressure to do the "it" thing.  I love helping teenagers come to a realization about their true potential and self-worth. Through deep listening, goal setting and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, together we can develop a true sense of self that they can be proud of and confident with.



Do you feel like you should have all the answers? Have you been struggling to connect with your child? You may feel exhausted and out of options but it doesn't have to be that way. I work with many parents to better connect with and understand the emotions behind your child's actions.

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